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Our 105% guarantee - If you don't love our chalk, we will refund all of your $ & you can keep the chalk:)

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Tembo Liquid Chalk | Climber's Bulk Bottles

A divine helping of our amazing liquid chalk in our refillable format.  Buy a bulk bottle and get an accompanying, refillable 50ml for free. 

Our 500ml comes with 1 - 50ml bottle free
Our 1 Litres come with 2 50ml bottles free.  

500ml Bottles = 10 refills
1L Bottles = 20 refills

Our 105% Guarantee - If you don't love our chalk, we will refund all of your $ + 5% & you can keep the chalk.  We're THAT confident that you'll love it.

*Our liquid chalk is made with 2 ingredients only:  Super high quality Magnesium Carbonate and our made to order, 70% isopropyl alcohol, which is a very strong antibacterial formula.  We add nothing to our amazing blend. 
No Rosin or any garbage.


Refill liquid chalk bottles & reduce waste.


How many 50ml refills do I get?

  • 500ml Refills your 1 free 50ml bottles 10 times.   
  • 1L   Refills your 2 free 50ml bottles 20 times

 People say ‘whoa’ when they touch our chalk for the first time.  We’ve scoured the earth and perfected our process to bring you the best, most pure chalk ever created.  We are so happy with our unique formula and are proud to share it with our fellow climbing community.

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